Say, why is the lady sulking?

It’s true, already at the time of Kids in America (wow), seven years ago, the little Kim Wilde spent her time pouting. The purple, pouting lips of the blonde was established on all the magazine covers, posters and T-shirts. Since then, nothing has changed, and this for the delight of the gentlemen. Even if her hips are somewhat broadened, there are few gentlemen who would refuse the invitation of her latest album Close. In short, Kim Wilde is very sexy (wow).

Let us not forget the beginnings of the starlet… Even at a young age she dived into music with body and soul, her father being Marty Wilde, one of the big English rockers of the fifties. Besides her daddy rocker, her brother Ricky was also part of the music enterprise, which started with her debut hit ‘Kids in America’ until her latest, ‘You came’.

Digging a little deeper into her universe, we can distinguish two phases: in the first place, the singer was innocent spontaneous, lively… Laughing boasts .. torn jeans and mane in the wind, Kim Wilde sang about the kids in America (wow) and burst onto the scene. Then, Kim like a chameleon teenager assimilating his entourage became wife and moula star system in the company as in a silk sheath. With airs of a vamp, feline in her approach. Kim Wilde speaks of love in disguised words (‘Love in the natural way’). She knows you should know not to overflow sex appeal, as her latest clip became censored in England. In it, she paraded around in scantily clad young guys. It has to be said that the English censor things for even less than this.

Is it because she has opted for a more sex appeal revealed that Kim Wilde became ‘easier’? Nay, young suitors; softness sometimes needs rude words to repack you. And she was able to suggest (and only suggest) in her hit ‘Four Letter Word’ (Four letter words like shit, fuck, love …) from her last LP.

One is not called Kim Wilde (e) for nothing.