She became a pop star like daddy and brother

The year is 1975. Record recording is in full swing. It just lacks the backbones of the song that is being worked with. The three girls are ready, with the headset on the head and everything.
One of them is a dark-haired, fifteen-year-old girl who is actually the daughter of the recording director Marty Wilde. Marty Wilde was a teenage girl in the 1960s, similar to Rick Astley. In the sixties, his son, Ricky Wilde, became his teenage son. The daughter of Marty, sister of Ricky, then broke through in the nineteenth century. You may know her. She’s called Kim. And, of course, Wilde.

Asking why she had changed to music, she said: “The immediate family is all in the music, so it’s so natural that you go for it yourself. Yes, yes, Dad called me a bit, but never pushed me. I grew up with the music of Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel and Joni Mitchell. I felt that music was good, so there’s no music dispute between us, “says Kimmy and her smiles. But while Kim had unequivocal singing talent, it was not until 1981 when she was 21 that the solo career began. The Kids in America song was launched with Kim Wilde. It went to the top of the United States and beyond, and its next 3 songs also gained similar popularity. However, in spite of this success at the beginning, there was a lot of walking on the hind legs. The album she sent out later went very badly. The public did not seem to have believed in it. The second album was called View from a Bridge and the next name was Catch as a catch can. She also went very badly and most of them had forgotten Kim Wilde.

After thinking about her advice and gathering her for some time, she released the fourth album, Teases and Dares, successfully. This was in 1984 and Kim was then older and mature. But although the album has generally hit, there was one thing in touch with Kim who was confusing her various fans (I do not understand why). The girl was about to change a clothesstool, not to be seen as untrue than in a dark leather, the worst thing.

In 1985, the album Another Step came out. With it, Kim secured her niche on the popularity list. You will probably remember one of the most popular songs of the album, the old Supremes song, You keep me hangin’on. Very popular. Otherwise, the video of one song of the album was banned in British television (probably Samantha Fox has not been published). But somehow, in the video controversial, one could see Kim Wilde along with shorts-wearing boys. The bed was a double bed. Not a word about it anymore. Sure, otherwise. The song is called Say you really love me. Enough about it. The latest album by Kim Wilde came out late last year and is called Close.

Kim says that the grip is influenced by Climie/Fisher, Christians and Prefab Sprout. But before the album was released, Kim received a call from Michael Jackson, who asked her if she wanted to appear as a special guest in his European tour. She accepted it and immediately after it the song ‘You came’ came out, became very popular, since Never trust a stranger and now recently Four letter word.

Of course, the has been a lot of noise about this success, but Kim does not care: “I know the gossip magazines have been full of news about who I’ve gone out with, and with whom not. But this does not bite me. I live alone in my own apartment in London, good luck and have a good time, “says this cool little girl and sneaked to the head of the scandal over the sorcerer’s writings. Then.