Thomas Muster interviews Kim Wilde for RE

The most intimate match of all times: tennis ace Thomas Muster versus Kim Wilde.

In dotted dress: Kim Wilde, blonde pop angel, 18 top 40 hits in England, 28 years old.
Her adversary – the verbal challenger Thomas Muster, 21, tennis wunderkind. Strong point: forehand topspin, iron will.
At the Pluschcourt in the Vienna Marriott Hotel the both the two fight not for hard US dollars nor ATP points. he are here to talk business for Rennbahn Express.
All the things that top stars have in common: geld, money, friends, success, disappointment, motivation and religion. Thomas serves, Kim returns. Intelligent and clever, spontaneous and honest like never before. After 50 minutes it’s matchball for Kim Wilde…

Muster: To start off, are you interested in sports at all?
Kim: No! But I do ski and watch Wimbledon on television. But I hate football and rugby. It’s terribly boring!

Have you ever played tennis?
Is that an allusion? I might as well – I have gained eight pounds over the last few weeks. My brother Ricky is a sporter. He’s exactly the opposite from me. I love swimming and diving – that’s not as tiring (laughs).

I have to concentrate well during tennis. You probably have to as well, when you’re on stage. Do you meditate before you go on stage?
No, quite the contrary. I walk up and down like a chicken. My band and me tell jokes to one another, without a break. It diverts the attention – and relaxes.

As a sporter I try to eat healthily – how do you keep fit?
No excesses with alcohol! When I am on tour I don’t drink at all, not even a drop of wine. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

Kim, you are very successful in pop. What does the keyword ‘success’ really mean to you?
The first things that come to mind are money, popularity and all those things. But sucess is something different entirely for me personally: to have a goal for the future. Success doesn’t come easily – one has to work damned hard for it!

There are probably a lot of people who want to get to know you better. Many are interested in the popstar Kim Wilde and not the private person Kim Smith – does that hurt you?
Yes. The showbiz is full of lies. That’s why I avoid contact with the London ‘scene’ and don’t hang around in clubs. I prefer to be with my friends or with my family.

Don’t you have any friends in the pop business, then?
I do, just a few. I really like Climie/Fisher, they are very nice and honest. Wendy from Transvision Vamp. But that’s about it.

And what’s with Calvin Hayes from Johnny Hates Jazz, whom you allegedly want to marry?
There are no concrete plans yet. I do believe in the institution of marriage. It makes sense, because it gives humans a stop, because it somehow keeps also the moral upright. Just think about Aids. I believe people should be faithful, while I am faithful myself. I will definitely marry someone I love.

And whom?
(laughs) I’m not totally sure yet!

You must have a lot of money in the bank. Do you look at prices when you go shopping?
I don’t have a lot of time to spend money. Sure, I have an impressive bank account. That’s why I allow myself to go shopping every once in a while. During these occasions I spend a few thousand pounds.

Do you have any dreams you can’t buy with money?
Happiness! Relationships between people are the most important thing in my life. The music business turns you into an egomaniac somehow. I used to think about me all the time: what my hair looks like, what colour lipstick I should use today and all that. My horizon has changed over the past few years.

I have found out that you don’t turn your back on your family, ever. When your best friend turns away, your family is always there. But in order to understand that, one has to be separate from them often.

A lot of songs on your album “Close” are about relationship crises. Are you really that emotional privately?
Yes, I am fragile and sensitive. I am sure not as dynamic and strong as I’m shown in my videos. But the private person Kim Smith is identical to Kim Wilde for the most part. When I’m not doing so well privately, I don’t feel so sure of my self professionally. Then I’m nervous and terribly unsure of myself.

On your last hit single you sing about never trusting strangers. Is that a personal experience?
Yes, a very hurtful one. It’s about a love gone wrong. During that one I cried all night every night for a long time – but he wasn’t worth any of those tears. I always write about the things I have gone through myself. I can’t just imagine things and write about it, I have to have gone through a certain situation, otherwise I can’t write.

What do you think fans love about Kim Wilde?
Difficult question – they don’t really know me personally. Thank God (laughs)! I hope it’s the music. But it is probably everything: the clothing, the hair, the way I present myself. I try not to show something I’m not. I don’t like to lie to people in public.

Is there something you don’t like about yourself?
Yes, I would want to be more intellectual. I have many questions, but not a lot of answers. I’d like to know more about things that happen in the world.

Such as?
Philosopical questions mostly, but also about art.

Is religion important in your life> Do you believe in God?
There is certainly a higher form of intelligence somewhere. I am convinced of that. Otherwise our lives are totally useless. I don’t know if there’s a God. I believe in “something” “somewhere”.

What lifts you when you’re sad?
When I’m depressed I have to divert my attention immediately. Otherwise I go crazy. Looking at music videos, going swimming, anything. Just to get out from between those four walls.

Do you have a personal role model, an idol?
No, I haven’t found any person that I felt worthy of idolising. Idols are perfect in the eyes of their admirers – and there are no perfect people.

You don’t give interviews a lot. What was the most stupid question a journalist asked you?
Someone from Smash Hits asked me: Have you ever showered with your shoes on?

What did you answer?
Whether he ever went into bath with his skis on.

(laughs) You’re very apt! What’s the next challenge in your life?
The chicken salad in my room upstairs (laughs). To be serious: another number one hit in America – but this time written by myself!