Articles 1990

31 December 1990 Vic’s wild over Lucy [unknown] (UK)
29 December 1990 Kim Wilde surprised about her own perseverance: “My mother keeps me healthy” De Telegraaf (Netherlands)
29 December 1990 Wilde years: Kim celebrates a decade of fame Evening Chronicle (UK)
19 December 1990 Just Wilde about Chrissie shopping! Fast Forward (UK)
15 December 1990 Long shall Cliffie live Hitkrant (Netherlands)
9 December 1990 Wilde at heart… The People (UK)
6 December 1990 Wilde about the trim new me Today (UK)
1 December 1990 Diamond Award: Kim Wilde Veronica (Netherlands)
1 December 1990 Christmas with the stars No. 1 (UK)
24 November 1990 Kim Wilde is very openhearted: ‘My biggest fear is loneliness’ Hitkrant (Netherlands)
1 November 1990 Kim Wilde Music Collector (UK)
1 November 1990 Kim Wilde Diamond Awards 1990 programme (Belgium)
1 November 1990 Kim Wilde Star Music (France)
25 October 1990 Kim Wilde: ‘I have auctioned my most expensive costume’ Bravo (Germany)
17 October 1990 Kim Wilde has had learning time Limburgsch dagblad (Netherlands)
6 October 1990 ‘Making songs together is like making babies’: Kim Wilde has had her studying days Leeuwarder Courant (Netherlands)
1 October 1990 Kim Wilde: “Music has to come from the heart” De Telegraaf (Netherlands)
1 October 1990 Days with Kim Wilde Télé 7 jours (France)
28 September 1990 Rock ‘n’ roll, rhyme ‘n’ reason, kith ‘n’ Kim The Guardian (UK)
22 September 1990 Wet wet wet Veronica (Netherlands)
22 September 1990 Pins tell a lot about yourself, but what do they tell about the stars? Hitkrant (Netherlands)
15 September 1990 Kim Wilde after the split with Calvin Hayes: ‘After a week the worst pain is gone, but the scars stay’ Hitkrant (Netherlands)
1 September 1990 Heat is good for charity! Hitkrant (Netherlands)
20 August 1990 Kim Wilde [unknown] (France)
18 August 1990 Stars about the big unknown Hitkrant (Netherlands)
18 August 1990 Walk on the Wilde side Hitkrant (Netherlands)
16 August 1990 Stars splash out for charity Staines & Ashford News (UK)
11 August 1990 Singer Kim Wilde supports David Bowie Leeuwarder Courant (Netherlands)
3 August 1990 Kim’s a splash hit Daily Express (UK)
1 August 1990 Wilde child Sunday Mail Magazine (UK)
1 August 1990 The big search of Kim Wilde: “My life is finally getting direction” Story (Belgium)
1 August 1990 Kim Wilde bares her childhood soul to Pop Shop Pop Shop (UK)
30 July 1990 Rock candy Vertiges et Pulsions (France)
28 July 1990 Kim Wilde becomes daredevil of the year Hitkrant (Netherlands)
28 July 1990 Kim Wilde is free again Hitkrant (Netherlands)
26 July 1990 A Wilde night out Daily Express (UK)
21 July 1990 Poll: Artists and their sports Hitkrant (Netherlands)
21 July 1990 Kim Wilde: End of romance that linked pop dynasties Hello! (UK)
16 July 1990 Kim Wilde: my songs are a family affair Tele Poche (France)
14 July 1990 How Kim Wilde became a confident woman: ‘I am an adult woman and know how I want to look’ Hitkrant (Netherlands)
14 July 1990 Review – Can’t get enough (of your love) Hitkrant (Netherlands)
13 July 1990 Review – Love moves Brugsch Handelsblad (Belgium)
12 July 1990 Kim Wilde Woche (Austria)
12 July 1990 Visit with Kim Bravo (Germany)
16 June 1990 Review – Love moves Hitkrant (Netherlands)
16 June 1990 Kim Wilde about 10 years of interviews: ‘Once I threw a journalist out’ Hitkrant (Netherlands)
1 June 1990 Splash-hit Kim! [unknown] (UK)
1 June 1990 Pout and miniskirt: Kim Wilde Bravo (Germany)
1 June 1990 Kim Wilde: the great form [unknown] (France)
1 June 1990 Kim Wilde: a charming rocker [unknown] (France)
1 June 1990 Kim Wilde: feather-edged pop-erotics WOM (Germany)
1 June 1990 Kim Wilde: The Platinum Blonde Multitop (France)
20 May 1990 Taxi! Sunday Mirror (UK)
19 May 1990 Undies Veronica (Netherlands)
12 May 1990 Kim Wilde plays Kylie during her vacuuming: ‘All my songs are pages from my diary’ Hitkrant (Netherlands)
12 April 1990 Kim’s on song for new album! Derby Evening Telegraph (UK)
7 April 1990 ‘They thought I was a talentless bimbo’ Number One (UK)
10 March 1990 Kim d’Arc Veronica (Netherlands)
13 February 1990 No bed sharing with lovely Kim Evening Herald (Ireland)
23 January 1990 The plans of Kim Wilde Top 10 (Netherlands)
1 January 1990 In the mood Tros Kompas (Netherlands)
1 January 1990 Review – Love moves Q (UK)
1 January 1990 Review – Love moves Smash Hits (UK)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde: This is how she overcame her love troubles! Bravo (Germany)
1 January 1990 The bimbo who made good Smash Hits (UK)
1 January 1990 Review – Love moves [unknown] (Netherlands)
1 January 1990 How one phonecall changed pop star Kim Wilde’s life Fernsehwoche (Germany)
1 January 1990 The passions of Kim Wilde [unknown] (France)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde Podium (France)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde: German fans disadvantaged! [unknown] (Germany)
1 January 1990 Ice time for Kim and Gary
1 January 1990 The harmonious [unknown] (France)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde: new single and new sexy outfit Bravo (Germany)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde seeks contradictions Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium)
1 January 1990 Singer shows off new man at mum’s party Hello (UK)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde Music Encyclopedia (Russia)
1 January 1990 Up for grabs Pop shop (UK)
1 January 1990 Star, Star, Superstar [unknown] (Russia)
1 January 1990 Kim is back Télé Moustique (Belgium)
1 January 1990 Walk on the Wilde side [unknown] (UK)
1 January 1990 Come on guys, don’t be shy [unknown] (UK)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde demonstrates that Vogue they’re all talking about (or not)! Smash Hits (UK)
1 January 1990 Kim told me… [unknown] (France)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde: she finally found the man of her life [unknown] (France)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde: hard, hard to lose weight [unknown] (France)
1 January 1990 Kim Wilde [unknown] (Greece)