Days with Kim Wilde

No wonder Kim Wilde regularly ranks all of her singles, the last of which, ‘Can’t Get Enough’, in the Top 50. This young woman has something to hold back. Her father, Marty Wilde, was a British pop star in the sixties, and her mother, Joyce, backing vocals. “When I was born, on November 18, 1960, my father continued to give shows. One of my first childhood memories is one of his concerts. What energy he had!”

Kim takes her first piano lessons in kindergarten, encouraged by her parents. His little brother, Ricky, prefers the guitar. A student of Fine Arts, Kim intended for painting, but, heredity obliges, ended up singing.

“At 16, I followed my father on his tours, as a backing vocalist. I lived very difficult moments in pubs where customers only came to drink beer. This is how you learn my job”. At the age of 20, Kim records her first album, “Kids in America”, produced by her father. Global success. Even today Kim works with her family. Ricky is her regular guitarist. “It’s musical creation that brings us together on stage, not our family ties.”

Ten years after her debut and a few extra pounds due to her incorrigible gluttony, Kim remains one of the most popular English singers. “However, the profession has brought me so many disappointments that once a week I decide to give up everything. I imagine myself as an interior decorator, my favorite hobby. But, as in a romantic relationship, I can’t bring myself to part with music. “

The French public is one of her most loyal. She gives it back to him by calling France her “second country”.