Diamond Award: Kim Wilde

On repeat: thousands of hysterical Flemish people enjoy such talented pop groups as Bomabalurina, Technotronic, Duran Duran, and many others. A lot of young people, we are sure, came especially to catch a glimpse of Kim Wilde (30). Blonde, blue eyes, full lips, good figure; oh, how beautiful she is! (And she can sing nicely too.)

That’s why we love to show a picture of Kim; rather too many than too little. But because we don’t speak to her on a daily basis (unfortunately), we used our archive of interviews with the singer who is world famous for 11 years now. Well, you can’t catch Kim saying anything wild. It rather shows that she’s always down to earth and friendly (sometimes ironic) when she answers strange and sometimes cliche questions.

Examples: ‘Do you like interviews?’
Kim: ‘Depends on what is asked.’
‘Your CD is called ‘Love Moves’, why that title?’
Kim: ‘Because it’s true.’
‘What was the most stupid question ever posed to you?’
Kim: ‘Whether I’ve ever puked in my shoes’.