How Kim Wilde became a confident woman: ‘I am an adult woman and know how I want to look’

At the beginning of her career, almost ten years ago, Kim Wilde was a shy and very serious girl. Three years ago the image of a good girl changed into a sexy lady. Judging from the video of her new single ‘Time’, recorded in Florence, she evolves further in that direction. These photos shot on location prove it: Kim is more defiant than ever.

Some compare Kim’s current look with that of Kylie Minogue. Could be, because the English woman doesn’t hide from her admiration of the Australian. “Despite all the criticism on her artistic value”, Kim explains, “she keeps on going on the road chosen by her. I can recognise myself in her, when I started 10 years ago.”
Kim is slightly worried about the very young house stars who are buried under success right now. “I don’t know if you can bear the success when you’re only 16. When I was that age, I was fully discovering life. I am glad that I wasn’t a popstar at that time. I was a normal, confused teenager. No, I don’t mind being a ‘veteran’, now that I’m almost 30. I’d never want to end up like Tina Turner: forcedly trying to stay young by dancing on stage as a grandmother.”

Kim makes a more selfconfident impression than in the old days. Proof of that is the fact that she wrote a big part of the songs on her new album ‘Love moves’. Insiders say that her growing confidence has a lot to do with the relationship she has with Calvin Hayes of Johnny hates Jazz.
Kim admits that she’s feeling good these days. “Look, I am an adult woman now and I know how I want to look. No-one else can dictate something on me. I take all the business decisions myself now, more than ever.