Just Wilde about Chrissie shopping!

When we spoke to Kim Wilde about Chrissie she was in a bit of a panic! “It’s nearly Christmas,” she yelled “and I haven’t done me shopping yet!” “Fear not lovey”, we told Kim, whose latest single I can’t say goodbye is out now! “Your friendly FF person Peter Loraine would love to take you around London to pick up a thing or two!” And here’s what happened….

1. No, no, no! You’ve got it all wrong Kim, we’re meant to be shopping for your friends, not yourself!

2. This is more like it! “Yes,” says Kim, “I’m into candles, I’ve got lots of them in my house, so a few of these will be for friends me thinks!!”

3. My little siter Roxanne would look lovely in these earrings but she hasn’t got pierced ears so sh ecan’t have them, ho ho!

4. “And talking of the family my nephew is Turtles mad so he’d love this mask.” Kim is the one on the lef tin case you didn’t know! (Oh we are funny aren’t we?!)

5. Oooh look! It’s the phone from Birds of a Feather! And Kim’s best friend Clare loves ducks so she’d think these were fab! “She’s not getting one though”, snaps Kim, “they aren’t nice enough I’m afraid!”

6. That’s the spirit Kim! But we’re afraid we’re buying presents today, you’ll have to come back for your deccies!!

7. Aha! Brilliant! Just what the FF staff want for Christmas!! That’s very kind of you to buy it for us… “Don’t be silly, I’ve got millions in my house”, says Kim.

8. Gulp! The cash is all gone, so Kim’s resorting to her old credit card! Man at counter: Could you sign in the box please Miss Brown (!)

9. Time for a quick cup of coffee before heading home to wrap everythin gup! Also time to present the FF black disc award to Kim for being so groovy and skill on toast!!

10. Putting all the pressies and shopping in the boot. Good job you’ve a big car eh Kim? Whadya mean you usually bring a transit van?

Special thanks to the following shops ans stall holders in Covent Garden, London, who helped us out: Candlewick Green, Elizabeth Banks and The General Store.