Kim Wilde

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Podium (France)

Name: Kim Wilde (Smith)
Date of birth: 18/11/60 Birthplace: London
Place of residence: Hertfordshire
Height: 5' 5" (1,7 m)
Weight: Je n'avez pas une idee [I have no idea]
Hair colour: Blond (ish)
Eye colour: Blue (ish)
House pets: No pets
Siblings: Ricky & Marty
Parents: Joyce & Marty
First ambition: To be a dancer
Favourite sports: Ski-ing
Favourite band: Mine
Favourite musicians: Steely Dan & Todd Rundgren
Favourite films: One from the heart, horror movies
Favourite holiday destination: Ski resorts
Favourite cooking: Italian, Thai
Favourite colour: Noir [Black]
Favourite cars: Cherokee Chief
Favourite style of clothing: Mostly black
Instruments played: Keyboards
Hobbies: Paiting, shopping for antiques
Likes: Music - sunshine - laughter
Dislikes: World pollution
A wish: A world in perfect harmony
A romantic evening: Someone funny & charming
What attracts you to a man at first: Sense of humour - kind heart
Precious possession: A lamp from Paris - my home
Childhood memories: Meeting father Xmas
Describe yourself: Tolerant - optimistic - self critical