Kim Wilde

Kim, you have changed your style a little, you don’t bleach your hair anymore and look more ladylike…
Yes, well, I am almost in my Thirties now, haha… but seriously: I don’t like that Lolita image anymore. One has to change in ten years time.

What will you change in the future? Do you think about marrying and having children?
I won’t say anything about the first thing, okay? But I would like to have children someday. I just think one has to have the right ma nfor that. Women, who have children with any man they fancy are not doing it the right way. Kids need security above all else.

You come from a very stable family yourself.
Yes, thank God. And I am a total family person too. When I am away for a little longer, I always have a lot of longing for my parents and siblings. Most of all Roxanne, my 11 year old sister, who is my absolute favourite. She understands me better than most adults.

You’ve said that you wouldn’t like to be as successful as Michael Jackson, with whom you were on tour. Is that right?
I have seen the kind of isolation in which Michael lives. Perhaps he’s happy with it, but for me it would be horrific. Loneliness is the worst thing to have to deal with. No, thanks!

Do you feel lonely often?
Who doesn’t! I have just read in the biography of Dusty Springfield and was surprised to find that this great singer had the same kind of feelings I did: the doubts one has so often, like: is it really any good, what I’m making? In such moments you’re really lonely and need help. I always had help from my family.

What do you think, when you read in the paper that Terence Trent d’Arby has said that you are his dream woman?
Fine, I think and I feel flattered. Hihi.

From whom would you have preferred to hear this compliment?
Wait! I saw this tennis player on television recently. Ro… Ros… something like that (Rostagno), he was sweet.

Do you like someone like Richard Gere?
He is a Buddhist or something, isn’t he? Being a sex symbol on the one hand, and to castigate oneself on the other hand, there’s something not right.

What do you believe?
I believe that if we would be more easy in all situations, we would be less selfish. But it’s hard, I know this myself.