Kim Wilde: a charming rocker

Two years ago already, Kim Wilde was a hit with her album ‘Close’. In addition, she was offered the luxury of being the first part of the Michael Jackson tour across Europe. The experience was unforgettable for her. Her new album ‘Love moves’ embodies the image of rock star. The sexy baby doll became a woman who assumes his success, her head firmly on her shoulders. Here is the proof.

Kim, what does look and style represent for you?
I am crazy about fashion, taking care of your look is to maintain your image. In addition, I am very pretty and I like the chance to travel a lot, I buy a lot of clothes in Paris, Italy and of course London. Also I love fashion magazines, it is a passion.

The success and money?
Sure, having money made me more happy, but the happiness, it has in itself. Personally, I’ve never been good for business … The money I make, I do enjoy with my family and friends. As for success, I think it is simply doing the job in life that we love.

Dance music?
Occasionally I like to dance in a club especially when I’m on tour, and I break out with my musicians. But if not, dance music, I’m not crazy.

I love shopping, being with family, painting, reading, cooking for friends, drinking wine and singing.

The cinema?
I love horror movies and most importantly, look at me one night to scare me. Otherwise I like all styles of cinema as long as the story is good and the acteus, and all with beautiful images, voila! Ah yes! I love Catherine Deneuve and Jeff Bridges.

Family life?
It is very important to me. Family, I feel comfortable we are a big family. My brothers run around me. It exudes a lot of love. I’m still undecided but I know that I would get married and have at least two children.

I think we can not live without the thought that God exists. I do not practice any religion but it fascinates me. I do not believe that death is the end of everything. Something else right exister.Les certainly people I loved and who have gone, I hope to see them again one day elsewhere.

My house is where I refuge, where I protect myself from the outside world that is sometimes scary. I love to come back after my travels often, if only for a walk in my garden and take care of my flowers, I love flowers.

Do you always be a ‘rebel’?
Oh yes still a little. To fight against ideas received. It’s hard to describe because it is a state of mind. In fact, being rebellious is to play life by mocking what people think.