Kim Wilde: hard, hard to lose weight

An unforgettable memory for Kim Wilde: her performance opening for Michael Jackson at the Parc des Princes. “Michael is fantastic,” she repeats, “he gave me confidence.”
Since then, she has had only one idea in mind: to return to sing in France, but this time featured. A wish that should come true for the end of the year.
Good news for Kim Wilde who loves Paris so much, but also for the French who love her.
Her new album, “Love Moves”, which has just been released, is well received by her audience.
The Pop star is particularly proud of it, since she is the one who wrote the lyrics.

A charming star who, moreover, likes good food. A “sin” which, you can imagine, goes straight to the heart of our fellow citizens.
“Nothing and no one,” she says, “will prevent me from shopping and cooking small dishes, preferably pasta-based. Because, understand, I would like to lose weight. But I like everything that makes you fat. And I find the nouvelle cuisine very boring.”
An admission that makes her very nice. Many women find themselves in the words of the charming little Englishwoman.
Because, it should not be forgotten, Kim Wilde is a pure product of the country of corned beef. But don’t worry, men always have a preference for slightly fleshy women!