Kim Wilde is very openhearted: ‘My biggest fear is loneliness’

‘I have discovered a few very interesting things about my body’, says Kim Wilde to our Cors. He blushed. Seldom he had such an openhearted interview with the sultry singer. Afterwards she said to a colleague: ‘That guy asks such frank questions!’, pointing at Cors. So you know what follows now…

About Religion

God didn’t play an important role in our family. My mother was more religious than my father, but they’re both not very religious. I have to say that I am interested in the subject, but more historically, whence it came, how it works.’
Do you think there’s more out there?
Sometimes I do, but not… I mean, I believe in things like love and the good, and all such beautiful things, but not in an organised something up there. In fact I believe in myself, that has to be enough anyway. Probably that is what some people call God, but I never think of it like that.

About her private life

What do you tell journalists about it?
Not so much. I am very aware how negative and destructive that can play out. As a child I understood how much damage such information can do and I find that terrible. So when I got a little older myself I always thought I would try and avoid that. I don’t want to hurt people. That is the most important reason, not so much to protect myself, but the people around me.

How many white lies have you told journalists during your career?
Not so many. I am quite honest and I give away most of myself, either in my songs or in interviews. If you would take the time you would know a lot about me. Happily for me most people don’t do that, haha.

About superstition

Are you superstitious?
I am. A lot has to do with what happened in my family. My grandparents were psychic.

Do you have that gift as well?
Sometimes I do. Not in any big way, but I have that kind of experience regularly. I am afraid of it, though. I try to put it away.

What about walking under ladders?
I don’t do that. I never walk under ladders.

Do you do any ritual before you go on stage?
Yes, I put on my make-up, haha.

About sex

How far do you take it?
That depends on the demand.

Have you ever written a letter to a magazine with a question about sexuality?
No never, but my friend and me had a column. It was called the Claire & Kim page. At the time you had the Cathy & Clair page, so that’s how we called ours. We made up the questions ourselves. And the answers. But sending in a letter, no, I mean it doesn’t matter how much information is available, there will always be questions that demand an immediate answer, and they’re just not there. I discovered a few very interesting things about my body only a few years ago. Thanks to my friends. They told me some things and I went: ‘you mean it?!’ So there you go.

How would you educate your children in the future?
I think that I would raise my children in an environment where they can ask things without anything being taboo, not even this subject. A question from your daughter about sex is a bit more delicate than what we will eat today, but it should be possible to talk about it.

About astrology and horoscopes

Do you believe in horoscopes?
Well, my horoscope is always the first thing I read in the papers. Not that I take it very seriously, because… someone read my palm once, a photographer I worked with and it was all quite innocent. He read the palms of my two best friends and he was very near to the truth. And he told a few things about their lives and that seemed to fit. Then he read mine and he told me something I’d rather not heard. He said that I would let my decisions be made by a lot of other people, I would agree to a lot more things than I do now. I didn’t like hearing that. I think I wouldn’t do such a thing anymore. I take it too hard. My father has that too.

About reincarnation

do you believe there’s a life after this one?
Maybe. Sometimes I have a feeling that I know something I couldn’t have known and that gives me the feeling that I should have lived before. But I don’t count on it. I mean, I take as much as I can from this life and I live it as if it’s the last I’ll ever have.

What would you have liked to be?
A farmers’s girl, a daughter of a farmer, you know, very simple, on the countryside, picking flowers. But it seems terrible to live in such times. Imagine someone couldn’t even help you when you have a tooth ache. I do believe in karma. I believe you get what you give, whether that is bad or good. I really believe in that.

What does your horoscope tell you today?
Today I haven’t read it yet, but in the plane I read it for the week and it said I would meet some interesting people, that I would have an exciting week, that I would enter some dangerous, romantic areas and that happened. I did meet some very interesting people.

About her biggest fear

Kim, what is your biggest fear?
You mean besides being chase by an elephant?

Being chased by a lion, haha… No, being alone I think. Loneliness. I think that’s what scares me the most.