Kim Wilde: “Music has to come from the heart”

Kim Wilde, the beautiful English singer who makes many men’s hearts beat faster, poses in the VIP-room of the Nederlands Congresgebouw with Freddy Heineken who is producing the event.

Kim Wilde was also impressed with Kenny Colman. She recognises the emotion, the warmth in his voice she thinks is so important. Kim’s beauty and talent were previously noted by big stars like Michael Jackson and David Bowie with whom she went on tour. “I was their special guest”.

Did you have a lot of contact with them?
Well I only saw Michael Jackson for ten minutes during the three months I worked with him. He isolated himself from everyone. David Bowie is very different. After every gig there was some time for smalltalk and a drink. He is very modest.

Kim Wilde, daughter of the English rock and roll star Marty Wilde, had her breakthrough ten years ago with “Kids in America”. She wasn’t a one hit wonder in the fickle world of pop. Hits like ‘Water on glass’ and ‘Cambodia’ followed and now there’s her new album ‘LOVE MOVES’ which has everyone excited.

“I think I lasted this long because I have a firm foundation with a musical family. I learned a lot from my father who also gave me a broad interest in music, from Beach Boys to Simon & Garfunkel.”

What do you think is the most important thing in a song?
It has to come from the heart. It has to be honest, whatever you’re doing. You do have to love music to last in this business.

Kim says that presentation is as important for success. “That’s the business. You can sing wonderful songs but why not make it attractive to look at? As long as you don’t get carried away and stay true to yourself.”