Kim Wilde: my songs are a family affair

The sexiest rocker is back. With an album entirely made by herself. On the wise advice of his parents. And composed with her brother.

Laurent Voulzy was right. “The nights without Kim Wilde” finally seemed long. Fortunately, she is coming out of retirement with a new album: ‘Love moves’. “This album is very close to my heart,” she says, “it looks like me, maybe because I composed all the songs with my brother Ricky.”

Sacred sex bomb as soon as she entered the charts, it has already been ten years, Kim the blonde shines and overflows with energy. Wild, Wilde? “Not really. At the age of twenty-nine, I feel better about myself, but I learned to pay attention, and I had to suffer from confiding in journalists. “

Shadow passing on his smile. But nothing seems to thwart the joy of a next tour in our country. From the beginning of the school year. And featured, this time. “Two years ago, I did the first European part with Michael Jackson, but our meetings were limited to advertising appearances.”

When she does not work, she finds her home in Knebworth, a suburb of London. “I decorate it with the paintings of my friends, I gave up the paintings of masters, too expensive, but the recording studio is the first thing I had installed.” At the Wildes, music is a family affair. To whom the doors of his studio are always open.

Her father Marty, one of the pioneers of English rock, provides valuable advice. Her mother, Joyce, a former singer, helps her enormously in organizing her career. Her brother and his sister get their hands dirty. Kim likes nothing so much as family life and rainy weekends by the sea…

But to contemplate it, one wonders what intensive training Kim exercises. Gym, aerobics, squash? She bursts out laughing. From the one who illuminates the cover of “Can’t get enough”, her latest single. “Skiing is my favorite sport and you do it once a year and only for a few days!”