Kim Wilde: new single and new sexy outfit

Does Kylie Minogue know who’s her biggest fan? Kim Wilde. She admires the Australian singer, who is working as a dancer, singer and actor despite heavy criticism. Kim recognises herself in Kylie, when she started ten years ago with “Kids in America”. Today Kim writes her own songs, produces and arranges them herself too. Her new single “It’s here” is announced as a superhit in waiting everywhere. She is rightfully proud on the album “Love moves”, that is released on May 4. The times of second hand clothing from Oxfam have gone. While Kim used to be too shy to show her body while it wasn’t ripe enough yet, she shows what she has now – but always within the boundaries of good taste. Between 1983 and 1986 until the song “I keep you hangin’ on” she experienced a personal and musical slump. She went through an unhappy love affair, lived alone for a long time, hated herself and the world. Kim’s star started shining again when Michael Jackson asked her to accompany him during his world tour in 1988. Her love affair with Calvin Hayes from Johnny Hates Jazz started, Kim is flourishing and looks sexier than eveer, although she celebrates her 30th birthday in November.