Kim Wilde: the great form

Kim Wilde was first discovered in the early ’80s with ‘Kids in America’, then became International star in ’86 with ‘You keep me hangin ‘on’. Kim Wilde triumphed as a guest of Michael Jackson during his European tour with ‘You came’. After a year of silence, her new album, the seventh, is called ‘Love moves’. She has written all the songs, including the single ‘Can not get enough (of your love)’.

You took time to make this new album!
Making a record with my brother takes 100% of our attention. We started in April ’89 and it took us a whole year to write and record it, most of the time being devoted to the writing and selection of the songs. Like this time, I wrote all the album, I, of course, invested in all its realization.

How did you work?
I learned to use the programming, so most of my ideas, I worked at home. When I had a problem, I called every time an engineer from the studio to come and help me. Every time, it was: “Kim, I already showed you how it worked!” (Laughter.) Now, I really know how to program everything by myself.

You bought a house to restore … What becomes of it?
We are still in masonry. It is moving slowly, but at least it will be well done. It would have gone faster if I had had more time to deal with it, but I am not in a hurry.

Are you involved in the work?
I’ll do the painting when we get there, but for now no. Planting nails is not my thing.

Do you still live in the city?
Yes, and now I really hate living in London. I’ve had enough of all this smoke, pollution, stress, chaos. It’s the end of an era for me, I will not stay there any longer.

Apart from that, what have you done, these last days?
I took flamenco classes! With friends, we went every week to a small Spanish restaurant where the boss danced to make some extra money. She told us she was giving classes. Afterwards, we came to learn to dance in this restaurant while making a hell of a noise, while the waiters took orders on the upper floor!