Kim Wilde: This is how she overcame her love troubles!

In order to overcome her sadness after breaking up with Calvin Hayes, the musician with whom she was together since 1988, Kim Wilde started working very hard. She travelled through Europe promoting her new album and didn’t rest at all, just to forget about her troubles. That way, she could also escape the British press, that was continually writing about the love affair that had ended. Kim stays silent about the real reason behind the split. Rumours suggest that the couple went their separate ways because the singer desperately wanted children, but Calvin didn’t.
To forget the pain of being lovesick, Kim was taken through Florence by producer Lynne Miller, while being there filming the new video for the single “Time”. Back in England, she participated in a charity event, presented by London DJ Gary Davies and swam together some money for needy children. There is more to come: Kim will be doing some live shows with David Bowie.