No bed sharing with lovely Kim

The lovely Ashford Castle is anticipating outrage and outcry this week, when American visitors begin to tumble to their terrible secret they are redecorating Ronald Reagan’s suite. Many make a point of requesting the suite and get a great kick out of sleeping in the same yellow bed as the Reagans. But the painters moved in yesterday morning and henceforth the suite will be more elegant than ever – but different. “We had to do it eventually”, a spokesman says firmly, “you couldn’t picture it in apsic forever”.

No – nor its namesake either, I suppose. And Brendan Curtis, manager of Acton’s in Kinsaale, tells me he has had a similar dilemma since Kim Wilde stayed there for Michael Jackson’s concert. But Acton’s too is marching on; all the THF hotels in Ireland are participating in a new home holiday programme launched at their flagship, the Shelbourne, yesterday – where the ballroom is yet another victim of shamelessly progressive redecoration.