Poll: Artists and their sports

As tradition prescribes, the summer is the period of the big sporting events. The World Championship Football, Wimbledon and the Tour de France are all around us. But sports are not the only reason for us to go to the stadiums. The big summer concerts by stars like Tina Turner, Prince, Madonna and the Rolling Stones get masses going. Pop stars and top athletes have more in common. They both have to work hard on their physique. Look how a few musicians work up the sweat.

Kim Wilde cycles

Sam Fox already said it, and Kim Wilde has to confess. Without some exercise she would have a substantial amount of extra body weight in no time.
‘I love the good life, good food and drinking. That comes with a price. It means I have to exercise a lot. I do that on the racing bicycle. I think it’s a great way of relaxation and exercise all at the same time. You get to enjoy nature, the surroundings, the birds chirping and the sound of the wind through the trees. I try not to go too hard, I don’t even compete and I never measure how fast I go. It’s just to stay in shape.’