Pout and miniskirt: Kim Wilde

In the last few months she has barely been seen in publicity. There were rumours about Kim. Now the English singer appeared at the Azzurro festival in Venice. Many fans were surprised by her appearance: she’s thrown away the men’s jackets and unrevealing blouses and looked exciting in her new outfit. Over a very tight black dress she wore a bolero jacket in flamenco style. The once bright blonde hair – they are a bit darker now – she’s pushed back. Only the pout is still there on the 1m70, 55 kilo Kim. It was part of the image already established by record boss Mickie Most at the beginning of her career. Kim sang her new hit “It’s here” for the guests of the festival, a single from the new album “Love moves” that was released in May. Kim was sad that her boyfriend Calvin Hayes couldn’t come with her to Venice. He’s just recording a new single in a studio in London with the other members of his band Johnny Hates Jazz.