Review – Love moves

Through the pragmatic marshalling of some fairly finite resources (upper echelon, high street looks; character-free voice; steady diet of easily digestible, radio friendly tunes often thoughtfully provided by dad and brother) Kim Wilde has managed to survive for almost 10 years now, notching up nearly twice that number of hits in the process. She’s a pop performer with no pretence of being anything else at a time when such a breed has become almost extinct; kind of big in a small way. Most of the songs here sound as though they’re limbering up for 1992 and favour either a stomping Eurobeat such as “Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love)” or EEC approved variants of what once might have been considered a lightly soulful persuasion, as found on “Time” or “Who’s To Blame?”.
But even if judged solely on the estimated potential yield of future smash 45s, Love Moves is likely to prove a disappointment to all but those who can’t even think of the woman without dribbling.
Rating: **