Star, Star, Superstar

[Translated for Wilde Life by Maxim Kakitsev]

This March our Rock-Party was visited, naturally, by a superstar. This “rocky”, crafty-eyed woman is called Kim Wilde. For almost ten years she has been on the scene – moderately scandalous, moderately sexual and very talanted. “I’m not one of those women who are ready to put their entire private lifes out for all to see in some pop magazine,” says Kim. “The most important thing for me is to do my work and enjoy it. I can suddenly get an inspiration in the most weird place, but the opposite also happens – one can spend days without it. Basically, inspiration is the most important thing in my life. And its source, although not the only one, I think is love. These two things are inseparable to me.”

She wanted to become an artist. After finishing school, she enrolled into the college of art. But, as it sometimes happens, she suddenly realised that she wants to sing and perform her songs to the public. “My biggest dream was always to write not only the music but also the lyrics. Then you’d get something perfectly finished, something very personal. You realise that you did everything by yourself, from start to finish, and feel like on the seventh cloud. Or even higher. But not for too long. You want to write and sing even better and better.”

Yes, nothing is perfect in this world. But Kim doesn’t despair. Despite her solid experience as a star, she thinks that her hour hasn’t yet come. Everything is ahead. Not long ago Wilde finished her tour – with Michael Jackson. “This experiment gave me priceless creative experience. But I don’t think that I am ready for a solo tour around the world yet. I think I’ll release an album – some sort of compilation – and then will think of that.” Well, one can’t be more humble than our heroine.

“Life is full of surprises,” thinks Kim Wilde. “I’m always ready for the unexpected.” By the way, the latest unexpected thing for her was breaking up with her lover. But her attitude towards these things is a philosophical one. “I’m coming out of this crisis now. By the way, what helps me in this is my work. I’ve just released a new album “Love Moves” – and it sort of helped.”

Kim admits that she likes to have romances. But she’s got special requirements for men. “I absolutely don’t care about the appearance. The boys from the advertisements don’t impress me. What’s important is that he’s a good person. And I was never scared of living on my own. It may be funny, and certainly old-fashioned, but I’m looking for that special prince who I’d want to live with forever. And he’s got to be kind,” states Kim categorically. One can wonder how this dream hasn’t fizzled out yet, and how can it co-exist with her image of a woman-vamp. But, as it is well known, a woman’s soul is a mystery, and perhaps this is its beauty.

Kim loves the idea of a house and a hearth. For her, it is connected with esthetic ideal. Kim Wilde remains an artist by nature, and everything that has to do with colour and design is close to her. “I’m attracted by the atmosphere in the house, the furniture, the books, the armchairs. I want to make it so that once a person walks into a room he would never want to leave.”

Like the majority of pop singers, Kim keeps herself in form by doing sport: skiing, swimming, aerobics and walking – the standard routine, basically. Which, by the way, doesn’t stop her from gaining weight. Alas! She hates dieting and loves to eat. It’s the absolute personal freedom, not tied by any limitations. And what can be more pleasing that feeling yourself absolutely free?