The big search of Kim Wilde: “My life is finally getting direction”

For a while it seemed like Kim Wilde would leave showbusiness. some two years ago she fell in love with Calvin Hayes and the reports of a career halt became ever louder.
“Strongly exaggerated”, laughs Kim now. “My father Marty said that I would make the choice to have a family of my own but it was interpreted in a wrong way”.
On her new album “Love Rules” there’s a song with the title “It’s here”. Kim says in that song literally: “Now at last my search has come to an end, and I know if there’s a place for me I know it’s here”. That sounds autobiographical, doesn’t it?
“Sure”, Kim says. “Although you shouldn’t take it too seriously. I’ve got the feeling that I’ve come to a point where things have become obvious. I know what direction I want to give my life, but the road is still long.”

I love children

It’s vague for a spontaneous lady like Kim. We aren’t used to that.
“Okay, I shall be more upfront”, she laughs. “People like me have faced a dilemma all their lives. On the one hand I want a house and a garden, a good man and a group of children but on the other hand I couldn’t live without the showbiz. At home it was the same. My father Martin has always earned his living as an entertainer. But that was only possible because mum gave up her dancing career to take care of the children. Between Calvin and me things are slightly different. We want a family Γ‘nd a career. That isn’t an easy decision but it couldn’t work out any other way. Let’s hope for the best.”
You have always claimed that you were just as famous as you wanted to be.
“After the tour with Michael Jackson people blamed me for not making the effort of coming closer to him. Well, I’m not interested in that kind of status. I love to sing but I also want to be able to do my own groceries in a supermarket round the corner.”
“Love Moves” is dedicated to your brother Marty jr., your sister Roxanne and also an M3 and Scarlett. Who are they?
“The children of my brother Ricki. His son is also called Marty, so we call him M3 and the sister is named sister Scarlett. They are 4 and 1 years old respectively, Roxanne is 11 and Marty 9. I dedicated this album to them because I learned a lot from them. Children have the ability to reduce everything to its real proportions. They are pure, and in their innocence they show you what’s really important in life. I have strong feelings towards them. I love them more than anyone else.