The passions of Kim Wilde

An extract from her album ‘Love Moves’, ‘World in perfect harmony’ is the new success of Kim Wilde. An idealistic song about the problems in the environment, written by the most beautiful blonde of pop stars. Writing is one of the passions of Kim Wilde, but not the only one…


Ever since my debut I wanted to write my own songs… The inspiration, I can find it anywhere, anyhow, as well when I feel well as when I feel less well! Sometimes it’s very personal things, sometimes it’s more alleviating. My album is called ‘Love moves’ because love is the most important source of inspiration for any writer.


The experience of playing live with Michael Jackson has brought a lot to me… To start a new tour of my own I will wait until next year, after releasing a compilation of my hits.


I don’t want to exploit my private life in the papers. The fact that I can have a man in my life has nothing to do with my celebrity. I don’t want to use my private life as a publicity vehicle. That would really be too low! But I like men. At the moment I am not together with anybody in particular. I have no fear of living alone because I haven’t found a person with whom I’d like to live. He has to be nice, that’s the most important thing. I’m not bothered about physical appearance. I have never been attracted to magazine models. I prefer unconventional beauties.


I work with them, I live with them but today I have total independence. Idon’t feel the same pressure I felt when I lived at home. They are very important to me. I would like to have a family of my own someday, that’s for sure.


I quit living in London to move back to the countryside. I love interior decorating. If I hadn’t become a singer, I would have certainly become a designer. I am obsessed by the colours, the environment, the atmosphere, lighting, ambiance, furniture, and books. I am fascinated by the interior of a house.


After I turned 15, I started painting and I even went to Art College. But shortly afterwards I went into singing. I quit painting. More recently I have started again. I love to paint landscapes!


I love sports and I need to do some to remain in form, but mostly it relaxes me and keeps me in good health. I love skiing, swimming and aerobics. I love walking as well!

Good cooking

It’s my guilty pleasure, especially when I’m here in France. The drama is that I like all that makes me grow bigger. I don’t like following diets. Every time I try I just pile on the pounds. I don’t eat red meat, not too much cheese, not too much wine… I try to eat natural things.

France and the French

I was always cordially accommodated in France. The French are really sweet. I love to hear people speaking French. I have formed a positive opinion about the French. There’s a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ (‘I don’t know what’) that makes me shiver, it’s magnificent!


Maybe one day I will take my chance, but I think I am not crazy enough to be an actress! I have lots of admiration for the actors and I don’t know how I could ever do as well as my idols like Adjani, Dalle, Anglade, Lambert. It’s true, I love a lot of French actors…

Simply life

My life has always been full of surprises and I hope that it will continue. I hope that nothing will occur as I envisioned. I am always ready to take the unexpected turn.