The plans of Kim Wilde

Kim wants to get back to business in 1990. At the end of last year she started recording a new album again. ‘It’s planned for release very soon’, she says, ‘but first there’s a single. I will start to perform live again, but this time I want to plan them better. I’ve noticed that I have to work too hard when I play live night after night. I want to be aware of that this time. As for food and fitness – I just want to stay in shape a little. Money may be important, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your health. Besides, the live shows don’t get any better when you’re tired.’
For 1990 Kim also has a wish: ‘To go on tour with Michael Jackson once again’, she says. ‘It was the absolute best. I never enjoyed my work as much as I did then. Performing in front of soldout stadiums – that was great. The atmosphere was good as well. I didn’t have a lot of contact with Michael, but when I talked to him he was very nice.’
She is silent for a while. ‘That wish wish won’t come true, because Michael is probably not touring any time soon. What a waste.’
Father Marty has a plan for his daughter as well: he wants to sing a duet with Kim. ‘I know he’s written a song with that in mind’, says Kim, ‘But I’ve held off on it. I’m afraid it will be a bit too sweet for my fans, and that can’t be good for my image…’