Wet wet wet

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Veronica (Netherlands)

It was a beautiful summer. In England too. So beautiful even that on one of the last days of summer a nimph who is not unknown or unloved by us went into the water. It was our Kim Wilde. A lady whose beautiful body can be seen regularly on our pages. Kim didn't just beat the chlorine in her nose for our photographer. Even if she does that gladly, generally speaking. The blonde star went into the water for charity. For the Starlight Foundation. It fulfills the wishes of ill children. Kim loves children, she once revealed in a personal talk with us. Even though she declined an offer to take action on that. There's a time and place for everything, that's why. She was of course tired. But she has her heart in the right place. Under her left... er, you know.

An enthusiastic Veronica reader from Rotterdam said in the beginning of this summer a photograph of Kim was switched with one of Kylie Minogue. That mistake is now corrected. Everybody happy? We are...