I’m so unlucky in love says sad Kim

Sexy singer Kim Wilde told yesterday how she is searching for the sort of love that still unites her parents.
“I often look at them and sigh and wish I could be as happy as they are”, she admitted. Her dad Marty met mum Joyce in the Fifties when he was a rock star and she was one of a cute backing group called the Vernon Girls. They fell head over heels for each other at first sight, said Kim.
Their marriage has lasted well over 30 years, they have four children – and they are inseparable.
Kim’s envy set in soon after she split with her fiance, drummer Calvin Hayes, a year ago. “I wasn’t a particularly nice person”, she confessed in Take a Break magazine. “It struck home one day when I found myself being a cow to someone I love very much”. The victim of her outburst was her father. “I realised I’d got a lot of things wrong”, said Kim. “What made it harder was that my family and Calvin’s were close.”
Calvin’s father, Mickie Most – now a top record producer – was one of the Most Brothers who toured with Marty Wilde and the Widcats.
Kim said: “One day I took a hard look at my career and realised how lucky I was at least to have a job I love.”

Now she longs to find a kind partner… and have a family.