Kim Wilde feels reborn

‘I am happier than ever’, is the first thing Kim Wilde says when we put on our taperecorder for the interview. ‘I am much more confident about my body, my music and my future, than I’ve ever been. Romantically speaking, there’s no-one special since my breakup with Calvin (Hayes, from Johnny Hates Jazz, ed.), and that flirting is so nice. Freedom is bliss. If this is what it means to be 30, I am all for it!’
Kim beams. She looks great since her gruesome diet. She lost many kilo’s, but the blonde hair and leather jackets are also out. ‘I was tired of it’, she explains. ‘I decided to let my natural hair colour come out again. When I run my fingers through my hair it feels natural now.’
When you read this, Kim is on a wintersports holiday in France. ‘I like skiing. Every year I have to spend a week in the mountains.’ Meanwhile her new single ‘I can’t say goodbye’ in the record stores. She wrote the song herself. Is it about Calvin? ‘I can’t comment on that, it’s too personal. But when you hear the lyric you’ll understand what it’s about…’
In the song, she sings: ‘It’s so sad when lovers part, Now that I can see all the things that you’re doing to me, I can’t say goodbye’.