The big body survey or how-to-get-to-know-this-hottie-in-the-right-way

While we’re all working on our bodies at the Hitkrant editors office, following bread diets, fruit days and hunger-suppressing pills, one after the other beach photo arrives at our desk. All of them hotties who enjoy a holiday somewhere on our planet. Each and every one has a body to be jealous of. The idea of Hitkrant’s big body survey was born. Enjoy four pages of body performances and a dose of super secret ‘ how-to-get-to-know-this-hottie-in-the-right-way’ information.


Kim Wilde: approach with extreme caution

Don’t do it! At least not until you’re extremely in love. Kim is romantic, sensitive and only gives herself when she trusts you 100%. Extreme caution is advised. Kim has had several disappointments in her love life and is cautious herself. If you are in love, just be yourself. You can’t be any more honest. If you are dominant, you have a reasonable chance. Kim wants to feel safe and secure.