‘Wilde’ party?

Happy Birthday to you… No, the birthday girl isn’t Kim Wilde (pictured on the left), she turned 30 half a year ago. This time it was her mother Joyce’s turn. She became fifty years old and that had to be celebrated, thought father Marty Wilde. That’s why the 60 year old popstar from days of old organised a big party, extending an invitation to all the Wilde family members and their partners. A ‘Wilde’ party then. Among the guests were singer and family friend Erorll Brown (ex-Hot Chocolate) and for this occasion Kim brought along her boyfriend Paul Holmes, who works in a garage. He did well for himself and sold two motors to uncle Burt (80) and grandma Wilde (90). Perfect for the family album, thought our photographer. You see besides blonde Kim father Marty, youngest daughter Roxanne and of course Joyce as the festive focal point.