Blonde, blue eyes, a pretty face! Kim Wilde, The Brigitte Bardot of rock

[Translated for Wilde Life by João Carlos Sanchez.]

Kim Wilde has a new album out, the LP ‘Love Is’, the eighth of her career. Known as BB of rock, Kim gives rise to passion. She doesn’t consider herself as a femme fatale. Loves her family. Is daughter of Marty Wilde, a rocker of the 50/60’s.

In 1981, at twenty years old, Kim Smith, better said Kim Wilde, stepped on the first step of the stairs that led her to success with ‘Kids In America’, produced by her brother Ricky and her father, the ex-rocker Marty Wilde. The LP, entitled ‘Kim Wilde’ sold more than two millions of copies. Always with the contribution of her family – the Wilde family are a very united team in business as well as in personal aspects – just because her mother is her manager since the beginning. Kim is building her career without any annoyances.

Blonde and with blue eyes, known as Brigitte Bardot of Rock, Kim consciously knows the reactions she gives rise to.
‘I am not a femme fatale though blond women are being pointed out as dolls’, she says. ‘If I was brunette, maybe I would be judged for my character.’ With her recent release of the LP ‘Love Is’, Kim is being judged again but as artist. It doesn’t bother her and after eleven years in music business she confesses that she ‘still loves her work’.
But Kim also loves spending a night ‘in a beach in touch with nature’. Likes oriental food ‘because of its creativity’. Preferes cinema to video, ‘I like sitting beside other people and hear their commentaries’. She has a special fascination for France but doesn’t believe that could live in Paris. ‘The french people are very sociable, but I doubt that could live in a city that big.’