Christmas and Kim Wilde

Published in
Podium (France)
Written by
Jean-Luc Geneste

Like every year, Kim Wilde will spend Christmas with her family this year. Before returning to his beautiful farm in the countryside, the sublime Kim wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas full of happiness and gifts ...

First Family
I've never spent Christmas apart from my family. It is very important for me to be surrounded by my parents and all my relatives. I love my simple environments with a beautiful tree that I decorated myself. I think I could not bear to spend the holidays away from home me.

Walks in the snow ...
My best souveirs Christmas is when there is snow. I love to go alone long walks in the English countryside. I put on a heavy coat and I can walk for hours.

The most beautiful Christmas
My best Christmas, this is the first time we had on the farm I rebuilt with my brother and my father. This is a place where life is good, it is the country, and it's really nice to spend the holidays in a warm atmosphere.

The greatest gift that we have offered you ...
I have very specific tastes for gifts ... I do not know if there is another beautiful cadea Uplus ... the best gifts are those that make me members of my family. They are so generous that I came crying under the tree.

The best gift a fan ...
This is a reproduction of painter Marc Chagall. I love what he does, and one day a fan who knew my tastes arts, has given me this. It gave me immense pleasure. I was very happy.

The greatest gift that we can make you ...
It's gonna sound weird, but I'd really want a tree to plant in my garden. I already have small shoots that will take time before becoming adults, and as I am a bit impatient, I dream to see the idea of this great tree through the windows of my house.