Club Plus Rendez-vous with Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde, guest of the “Club Plus”, came to answer the questions of Bruno Gilbert, star host of the radio R.V.S. and to present her new single, “Love is Holy”.

Becoming a singer was something obvious for Kim Wilde. Her mother was a chorist, her father-songwriter and rocker…
The whole family is behind Kim when in 1981, she released her first record, “Kids in America”. Kim quickly became an international star with titles such as “Cambodia”, “Love Blonde”, etc …. Today, she has just released a new album entitled “Love Is” with first single “Love is Holy”. She left the United States and has just moved to England on a large farm that she renovates herself.

Hi Kim, are you ok?
Yes very good thank you.

You released a new album on which you worked as a family. Does this pose a problem when working in this way?
Sometimes there are problems, but in the long run we have a lot of talking about it and these little things are not really problems anymore.

Do you attach a lot of importance to what is being told about you in the press?
Not at all (laughs)!

If I talk to you about diet, do you jump?
What do you want to know exactly?

I read in the press that nutritionists have made a point of honor to make you lose some extra pounds. Is it true?
Not at all (laughs) … But it’s true that I lost a few pounds by doing a lot of physical exercise …

In 1988, you played the first part of Michael Jackson’s concerts. Do you stay in contact with him?
No. He lives in Los Angeles and is a very private person. But I think my sister has kept in touch with him…

The traditional question Kim: do you remember your first kiss? Love kiss?
Of course! I was eleven and we kissed on the mouth! His name was David and I never saw him again.