Has Kim Wilde got two ears?

Even though she’s just come back into the pop limelight with singles like ‘Love is holy’ and her latest, ‘Heart over mind’, Kim Wilde’s been having hits for over 10 years. She has changed quite a bit though, as we found out when we checked out Kim’s past ‘Wilde’ styles…

1. Back in the early 1980s Kim was your classic Woolworths girl with her flicked back, blonde hair (with dark roots, of course). her dad was a famous singer called Marty Wilde who had hits back in the 1950s and 60s. Kim’s real surname is Smith, but she changed it to Wilde after her dad. Please note that Kim has her hand firmly over one ear to stop it being seen. Pass the pick ‘n’ mix!

2. A bit later into the 80s Kim decided to adopt the female warrior look, surrounding herself with broken household objects. Ye tagain though her ear was covered with a pair of new-age earphones.

3. One of Kim’s biggest hits was her version of the Supremes’ ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ back in 1986. About this time she kitted herself out in an overcoat and red socks. The ear was still hidden though.

4. Kim’s most successful album so far was ‘Close’ from 1988, the same year that she toured with Michael Jackson. She hid her ear now by keeping it inside her leather jacket. Se also found time o make the charity single ‘Rockin Around The Xmas Tree’ (below) with comedian Mel Smith.
(Notice the lack of Kim’s ear yet again!)

5. Other Kim Wilde hits include ‘You Came’, ‘Kids in America’, ‘Another Step’, ‘Never trust a stranger’ and ‘View from a bridge’. As yet though, in 10 years, no-one has seen both of Kim’s ears! Do they exist? See if you can spot them on your TV. If you do, let us know…