Her determination leads to charts honours for years

With the smash hit “Kids in America” Kim Wilde’s star went up on the British pop heaven in 1981. Since then she has registered a row of single hits and charts albums. The accessibility of her pop songs may have contributed to this. It is also characteristic of the title of her new longplayer, “Love is”.
From the beginning Kim’s road to the top was supported by a family company: father Marty, mother Joyce and brother Ricky. Marty Wilde ,who had ten hits in the British charts between 1958 and 1962, and the older brother Ricky had inspired Kim at a young age to go into music. Still her father was not approving when his daughter wanted to go into showbusiness. He was finally convinced by her recognizable talent. Marty and Ricky Wilde – the latter was also the producer for his sister – delivered the hits with “Chequered love”, “Cambodia”, “View from a bridge” and “Love blonde”. Kim Wilde established herself as internationally recognised singer and became the est british singer in 1983 when she received a BPI Award.