Kim Wilde

Currently, you mostly work with your father and brother. You do not plan to be independent?
Not yet.

You are often compared to the sex-symbol of pop music – Madonna. You agree with the similarity?
No, certainly not my own character. I’m not showing off crazy stunts like Madonna on stage…

A while ago you performed in support of Michael Jackson. Who would you have chosen to open for you?
Personally I like rap music, but I would always respect the local groups where we do our concerts. The tour with Michael was a highlight of my career, even if Michael is not a very communicative man. He is closed off and difficult to invade his privacy.

What is the difference between Kim in the beginning and Kim today?
Gradually I devoted myself more to composing, but my brother Ricky continues to be my preferred composer.

What will surprise your fans?
I will want to visit Australia and Japan, where my new record has been released, and then on tour.

Is your popularity an advantage or disadvantage?
My private life is my family and my family also makes music. Since my childhood I grew up in a musical environment, and I still have the same friends from schools, which I often meet. So the popularity has not changed to such an extent as it would appear.