Kim Wilde Arrives: The Pop Blonde

[Translated for Wilde Life by Rodrigo Garcia]

The English vocalist arrived on 5th April to our country for a promotional visit.

The Argentineans who can see her will observe not only an attractive blonde girl, but also an excellent pop singer, who has also written several interesting songs. Some of them known from the BMG 1992 album “Love Is”. Others from her singles collection (1981- 1993), reuniting 17 hits from her career. She has a 12 year career that has gained her the respect from Great Britain and Europe, aside from an uninterrupted presence in the charts. The Blonde has released 9 albums and 26 singles and has sold more than 17 million copies that have gained her lots of gold and platinum records.
Among her achievements is her early 80’s European promo tour, when just in France she sold more than one million albums. Towards the end of the 80’s (1988) her album Closer entered the UK top 10 and had 5 top 40 singles. She was the opening act for Michael Jackson on 34 dates of his European tour, seven of them in Wembley Stadium. This British girl deserves all our attention.