Kim Wilde: finally the return

No one was informed of her visit to France. Nobody except the people in charge of her label and Salut!, who by honor and happiness had been placed in confidence. Exclusive report on the return of the love blonde.

The ex-spies of the KGB would not have taken more precautions than we did. Phone calls passed under the coat, fixed appointment in soft. We respected the instructions given by Kim herself. And for a surprise this was a surprise. She arrived, more smiling than ever, like a facetious little girl, in the enclosure of her MCA record company under the bewildered and amazed eyes of her press attachés. Their director had told them that they were going to listen exclusively to her new album “Love is” … but he had not specified that Kim would also be there! Eclats of laughter, applause, welcome cocktail and presentation of the team.

It is the party at Avenue Matignon and all that before the goal of Claude Gassian photographer privilegie of Salute! of course. Then we get into the limousine, heading for the pyramid of the Louvre. Kim is passionate about painting and moreover, for some years she has devoted herself to this art. Her last canvas: the portrait of her cat. But it is still cold on Paris and she has bronchitis. So we do not waste time. It would be too much to make her lose her voice, her beautiful voice. Back to hotel Warwick near Champs-Elysees. Kim knows it well because it is always the one that it descends since her beginnings in 1981. “Kids in America”, her first hit, you remember well. One heats up around a cup of tea (it goes without saying for an English) and we talk, happy to meet.

It’s been a long time since you came to visit us …
Oh out, more than two years now.

You were sulking?
(Laughter) No. You know I love France. But to be frank, I must admit that my previous record did not work very well and it made me think a lot about my future.

You mean you thought about abandoning singing?
For a moment, yes. I had lost all confidence in myself.

Yet since your beginnings your career has been successful.
It’s possible. But when you only see the dark things, you tend to forget the events that were positive. You need others to put things in their place.

When you say the others, who do you think of?
My family especially. It was thanks to my parents and my brothers and sisters that I realized that in reality I always wanted to do this job. They all helped me go up the slope.

I think you moved?
Yes. For the last year and a half, I have lived in the country. London is too stressful. I felt very alone.

I thought, on the contrary, that it was in the country that one was isolated.
Not me. First because my parents live close by and then because I have lots of activities. I learned to ride and I did a lot of jogging. The sport also helped me get out of my depression. And then, I have friends to whom I prepare delicious dishes at home. It’s so much more fun than to spend your life in social parties or in nightclubs.

When did you start writing and composing again?
In February of ’90, we went with my brother Ricky. I have a studio at home, so it’s convenient. We work when we want. But it was in Los Angeles that I recorded the album with excellent musicians including Elton John’s guitarist. My little sister Roxanne, aged 12, has sung backing vocals.

A third Wilde in show business? (His father Marty was a great rocker in the 60’s).
Why not. I am even ready to manage her if she decides to sing in her turn.

We have not seen you on stage since the Michael Jackson tour in 1989.
I hate to start again but all alone this time. Of course it was an interesting experience to sing in the first part of such a star but I now want to perform before my own audience. In any case people won’t ask me whether Michael is nice or not. I only met him once in three weeks. He looks gentle and sweet.

Your first song from this album is called “Love is holy”, which means “love is sacred”. Is it an autobiographical thought?
In a way, yes. Love with a great L. Without love, there would be no life.