Kim Wilde longs for her youth

Kim Wilde was in the country to promote her cd ‘Love is’ and the recent single ‘Who do you think you are?’. Before her appearance in ‘Margriet’ the British singer had a brief meeting with Isabelle van Hover (17) and her friend Nicole Vanden Weghe (17), two big fans from Aalst and winners of the ‘Meet Kim Wilde’ competition, which we ran a while ago. It became a nice talk, in which Kim showed she has regained her optimism and is thinking more positively again. She told Isabelle and Nicole about the success she has currently in Japan, a short trip to France that is happening soon and her plans to go on tour again. Kim demonstrated proudly that her knowledge of French had improved by speaking partly in that language. She told Isabelle and Nicole this: ‘When I had your age, I felt I was already an adult. I did all I could to look older. Now that I see you here, I realise how youthful and fresh girls of 17 look. I feel very happy right now, but I would like to turn back time sometimes. My message to you: enjoy life as much as you can!’