Kim Wilde: ‘Love is sacred’

Flagship title of his new album, “Love is Holy” enchants the waves. As for Kim Wilde, she gently emanates the beauty of an ultra-sensitive woman: Extra-lucid encounter.

About love?
This is obviously the flagship subject of my album … But do not believe that all my songs are autobiographical. I am careful not to reveal which titles are talking about me. It would be to reveal my diary. For example, I did not write “Love Is Holy”, but I found the lyrics superb …

In what ways do you prepare your albums?
In general my brother begins to write certain music. And with all the equipment I have at home, I work on my side. It also happens that other composers offer me songs, but I always try to give my point of view, to bring my personal touch. I don’t want to look like someone else …

Are you satisfied with the turn the world is taking at the moment?
Not really. Love is out of place. People can no longer love. They often stay together for fear of loneliness. They are not clear when the most important is honesty

Do you think your character of incendiary blonde exceeds your acting talent?
No, because I sincerely believe that I have a credible career at all levels. The most important thing for me is that people listen to my album with pleasure …

What do you think of Laurent Voulzy who wrote for you ‘Les nuits sans Kim Wilde’?
We’ve known each other for years, but we don’t see each other often. We have a lot in common. The atmosphere of our discs is comparable. We like the same style of music. He is like me… He believes in what is magic.