Kim Wilde: the eternal bomb

Published in
Jeune et Jolie (France)

We no longer have to introduce Kim Wilde, the luscious blonde who has capsized more than one heart and this since her entry - twelve years ago - in the ruthlessly constellated universe .... But we must go to evidence: Kim Wilde is today a myth. A myth that does not smell like mothballs, while the beautiful displays on its counter thirty delicately touched. "I'm going to be 32 this year and I feel good. I'm absolutely not afraid of growing old, probably because I know what I want."

What she wants, she sings as others pray. Her new album "Love is" is the outcome she was looking for. A delayed fulmination. Gorgeous! Suddenly Kim moves from London to isolate himself in a firm history of putting back some order on his life which accuses a serious profusion by the parasites which revolve around the star ... Always celibate to this day - even if she sees herself married, mother and, behind the stoves! - Kim Wilde took off the canvas that veiled his youth: the time for superfluous tripo stigma of alcohol and overly greasy food and "clubbing" nights spent between two smokes are over.
"It's true, I lost a few pounds by doing a lot of physical exercise ... However, I love landing in a hotel room full of flowers, chocolates and champagne." Notice to interested parties, because we haven't finished hearing Kim's voice!