Kim Wilde: the holy love

“Love is holy”. Kim Wilde knows what she’s talking about. The beautiful English woman cultivates that of the family. “We have always been very close together, but for two years now I have been closer to my parents, and I can understand some of the decisions they made that I did not like at the time. I have exceeded the threshold of thirty. ” Kim was born on November 30, 1960, in Chiswick, England. She has been playing the piano since the age of four. Joyce, her mother, takes care of his financial affairs. Marty, her father, a British rock star of the sixties (who was a specialist of writing hits, advises and produces her records and Ricky, her brother, composes most of her music. Marty Junior, her other brother, is her admirer. Roxanne, her sister, 12, sang backing vocals on the album. “My mother recorded her one day without her knowledge while she was singing in the bathroom. She has a wonderful voice. I asked her to sing for the song “High of the moon”.

Kim now lives in the countryside, far from London. “I moved more than a year ago, the city was choking me, the world of music did not bring me anything after ten years of career and I wanted to give up everything. I did not feel inspired anymore. I felt like I had said all I had to say, and finally changing the air was beneficial, and a few weeks later I started writing again.” Always on the same theme, love. His new album has an unfinished title, “Love is …”. “Everyone can add the word they want, love is a feeling with so many facets, I love to hear people talk about their love stories, and I like to discuss them with my girlfriends. spend hours. “Love is … Kim Wilde? “I’m ready to have children now, but I do not think I’ve found the right father, and I know life will catch me one day.”

Meanwhile, Kim will return to the scene. Her big world tour has to go through France in the spring of next year.