Kim Wilde, who are you?

After two years of absence, Kim Wilde returned to the limelight with a new single, ‘Love is holy’, and a new album ‘Love is’. While waiting to discover it soon in an interview, here are all the secrets of Kim to know absolutely.

  • Kim Wilde was born on 8 November 1960 [sic].
  • Her birthplace is Herfordshire in England.
  • Kim Wilde loves red wine but hates nouvelle cuisine.
  • Kim Wilde performed the first part of Michael Jackson’s concerts in 1988.
  • If Kim Wilde does not often have the opportunity to see Michael Jackson again, Michael has kept very good contacts with Kim’s sister.
  • For a time, Kim Wilde was designing candlestick collections.
  • For her makeup, Kim loves to use the Chanel beauty products.
  • Kim’s father, Marty Wilde was a star in the United States.
  • His favorite painter remains Chagall.
  • Kim Wilde, after having lived in the USA for a long time, just bought a house in England and decided to do the work again.
  • Kim Wilde thinks that the telephone is one of the most beautiful inventions.
  • She hates fast cars.
  • One day, Kim Wilde had his lines read. Totally stupefied: the words were right.
  • Kim loves to play Monopoly.