Review – Love is

After “Love moves”, here’s “Love is”. The always resplendent Kim Wilde thus gives us her fifth album, with her voice to crack the most hardened hearts.
No surprises in Love is. The compositions are always co-signed by his brother Ricki, and the family atmosphere is essential. The style is always a mixture of rock and variety, version from across the Channel. The music is pleasant, well constructed, without superfluity, but also without too much risk-taking: we would sometimes like to see Kim come out of his customary prudence to finally explode.
But like previous albums, Love is has an undeniable quality, which makes Kim so endearing, and which makes collectors go so far as to buy Laurent Voulzy to hear her declaim a few words in Frenglish: her voice. Because it is this vocal organ above all that makes Kim deeply crunchy.