Review – Love is

It’s soon summer, it’s already love, there are girls as far as the eye can see, star-like in dark glasses in pedalos on lakes or in mini in red GTI golfs flashing on the Côte. Phew. It is Kim Wilde who displays the airs of a femme fatale on the cover. Mouth and blouse slightly ajar, wavy locks, transparent gaze, hands on hips in the waiting position and always that broad forehead to climb up the curtains and that timbre of voice so suggestive that crucifies Laurent Voulzy. She has refined her figure, at least we can easily imagine and with her floral dress, Kim Wilde is more beautiful than ever. So the music, you know the refrain, we don’t care. She can do whatever she wants. In this case a tangy and easy to dance pop. Okay, ‘Kids in America’, in 81, it was much more upbeat with its three or four hits in a row, but physically, I prefer her with ten more years. She has matured like a fruit soaked in the sun and we want to bite it to the fullest. Her songs are cretines but well arranged, suddenly it becomes exciting, so go understand human nature. Personally, I would spend hours listening to her pour her stupid refrains tanned with UV while gently letting the sap of the depths rise. With “Love Is”, Kim the savage conceptualizes to death on the sun, the big hugs on the beach, the golden breasts, the very soft bolsters and the raspberry coulis with a touch of whipped cream. Okay, my ice cream is going to melt, see you next month.