What we can learn from the stars about the most common diet problems


When under pressure, Kim Wilde was confronted with stress-weight

Height: 1m74
Weight: 52 to 71 kg
The problem: ‘The more success I had, the more vulnerable I became’, she said in 1983. A depression, a long career halt and reaching 30 (in 1990) only did more to add to her insecurity.
Kim’s solution: Her father Marty. During a family gathering he said: “Kim, you’re letting yourself go.You have gained a lot of weight and it’s becoming visible. People think it will undermine your ability to compete. If you love your career, you need to get back in shape.” She banished red meat, cheese and food that was hard to digest. She began swimming and doing step aerobics.
Biggest weakness: alochol, chocolate and creamy sauces.
Advice for everyone who knows the problem of stress-weight: “I think the fact that I’d created a barrier between the audience and myself gave me the excuse to keep gaining weight. By gaining weight I wasn’t as popular as I was before. And that made me hate myself even more.” Try to break the vicious circle by thinking positively about yourself. Learn to be yourself.