Wild crazy about Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde, daughter of rocker Marty Wilde, has released a new cd, “Love is”, on which she has one song with her twelve year old sister Roxanne (“The light of the moon”). Kim and brother Ricki composed most of the songs. Kim: “I ca nfinally say that I sing my own songs. I am proud of that.”
Twelve years ago she stormed the charts with “Kids in America”. The start of a series of hits. During a recent visit to our country we met her. She is still as sexy and has lost some weight again. A real lday, who despite her fatigue was friendly enough to pose with the brand new women’s group Wild, founded by all-rounder Serge Gobin. Sylvia, Ilse, Antoinette, Stephanie and Chris were in the clouds with this sudden meeting, which was photographed exclusively by Zondagsblad. Afterwards Kim whether the girls wanted to send her their first single, a cover of the Kiss-hit “I was made for loving you”. Is Kim Wilde crazy about Wild?