Win an encounter with Kim Wilde

Fans of Kim Wilde can get excited, because this week a new single of her was released: ‘Love is holy’. On April 16 the British singer is in our country for promotional reasons. She will perform in the Countdown-studio, amongst other things. There will be an opportunity to meet Kim backstage. If you want to talk with her (or something like that), you should compete in our competition. The lucky winner gets a ‘Kim Wilde’ jacket from the singer. Doesn’t everyone want that? We do, but for some reason we can’t compete. The competition follows here:
Kim Wilde is born and raised in England. Still she sang in 1981 in her debut hit about kids from somewhere completely different. If you know the nationality of Kim’s kids, send your answer on a postcard to Hitkrant (address). Maybe you will get to meet Kim and win the original Kim Wilde jacket. Good luck.