Woman, the future of rock

When everything goes wrong, when we see in the musical horizon only rap rapouah, what do we do?
We will look in the novelties what is signed female rock. It is, at least, pleasant. At best innovative. Always – well, almost – interesting.
Here is a solid brew of ladies of the rock that we recommend.

Kim Wilde: ‘Love is’.
As we know your weaknesses, well, here is the exorbitant. And even in picture, you have deserved it.
Because you can do it with your mouth, saying that you only listen to Devo and Kraftwerk, but we know, go, that you squint on Kim Wilde when she passes Jean-Pierre Foucault in small body décolleté …
For this last delivery, there is nothing missing. Kim makes us the total: shoulder cleverly naked and a mouth like Marilyn.
How do you say? And the music? Yes, it’s true that she sings too. One ended by losing sight of this element of her endearing personality.
Well, God, let’s say you do not risk spinal-cerebral meningitis by opening this disc: rock is lacquered Top 50, Pompey Saint-Laurent.
You can return to Kraftwerk if you wish.
But lastly, if they were to spend the same evening in concert, you would suffer, I think, to exorbitate ourselves at leisure.